In the main series of Just Dance, there have been some dancers that have appeared, but do not have their own individual song to dance to. This page reflects that, showing only dancers without a known song that have appeared in the series.

Seen in the game (Mashup, Puppet/Party Master, other)

These dancers have been physically seen somewhere inside of the main series, but do not have their own known song in said series.

Leaf Dancer

A dancer with a green leaf outfit appears in various Puppet Masters in Just Dance 4. The name the move was given was called "Dancing Leaf" and it had two different sets of moves, both with the same name.

The dancer also appeared in How-To pictures on how to download new songs for Just Dance 4. The song it was associated with was Brand New Start, but due to the fact that Kids in America was also called that in a How-To image, the dancer was most likely not for Brand New Start. An image with a background was also found and it showed the dancer in front of a pink background. 

Puppet Masters

Song Name of Move(s)
Ain't No Other Man Falling Leaf
Love You Like A Love Song Dancing Leaf
Mas Que Nada Dancing Leaf
Mr. Saxobeat Falling Leaf
Never Gonna Give You Up Dancing Leaf
So What Dancing Leaf
Super Bass Dancing Leaf

Disco Ball Dancer

A dancer with a disco ball for a head appears in many Party Masters and Mashups in Just Dance 2014. It also appears twice in two of the settings in Gentleman. An avatar for it is also shown and can be unlocked for 500 Mojo Coins. Despite all of this, the dancer does not have a known song. 

Party Masters

Song Name of Move(s)
Follow the Leader Disco Thrust
Gentleman Monkey Dance, Street Step
Just Dance Disco Fighting
Love Boat Monkey Dance
Troublemaker Monkey Dance

Bow Dancer

A dancer with a bow that appears in the mashup for RADICAL appears, but it has no known song. It also has a corresponding avatar.

Seen outside of the game

These dancers have been seen on various media appearances for the series, but have not appeared in the series itself. Like the ones in-game, these dancers do not have a known song.

Blue Jacket and Hat dancer

A dancer with a blue jacket and hat can be seen on various types of media for Just Dance 2. Like the checkerboard sweater and hat dancer, it doesn't appear in the final game. Another version of the dancer is shown with a red jacket instead of a blue one.

While it is unknown what song this is for, it is possible that it was for I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas as a live performance of the song has people doing moves that are similar to the ones shown in a certain video showing off the dancer. Irregardless, I Gotta Feeling was put on the tracklist for Just Dance 2016 with a different dancer than the one mentioned here.

Dressed Dancer

A dancer that appears in one of the E3 trailers for Just Dance 2 was not in the final version of the game. It had a big pink, green dress with blue mask. That coach came from unofficial dubbed as Poker Face by Lady Gaga however, in not in a game.

Harlem Shake Dancers

A guy and a girl can be seen in the Harlem Shake video posted on Just Dance's Youtube channel and in some E3 trailers for Just Dance 2014. Despite this, the dancers don't appear in the game.

Many other dancers have appeared outside of the series, but due to their basic look, are unknown if these dancers are actual dancers for the series, or are just dancers used for promotional reasons. This gallery features unknown dancers with those characteristics.