Umbrella is a song in Just Dance 4. It is by Rihanna.


Both the Classic dance and the With an Umbrella dance take place in the rain with occasional lightning. The place the dances are in appear in two conditions: one with a dark atmosphere and one with a brighter atmosphere. At one point of the dance, the rain freezes.


Criteria required for unlocking content based off of Umbrella

Classic VersionEdit

  • Just Dance 4: Available from start[1]

With an UmbrellaEdit

  • Just Dance 4: Wheel of Gifts[2]

Appearances in other songsEdit


  • Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) (JD4)Go to Mashup
  • Jailhouse Rock (JD4)Go to Mashup
  • Livin' La Vida Loca (JD4)Go to Mashup
  • Same Old Love (JD2016)Go to Mashup

Party/Puppet MastersEdit

Song Name of Move(s)
Built For This Rainy Loop
Maps Dance With My Umbrella (With an Umbrella)
Mas Que Nada Dance Hall Diva


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  1. In the PAL region, there are two versions available: the "Special Edition" and the regular edition. The person must have the Special Edition in order to obtain the Classic Version. If they do not, the person does not obtain the dance. This only applies to Wii users in the region as the Special Edition was only made for that console.
  2. Likewise, the With an Umbrella dance will not be included if the person does not have the Special Edition of the game.
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