This refers to the song by Rihanna. For the song by ABBA, visit SOS.

S.O.S. is a song in Just Dance 2 and Just Dance Wii. It is by Rihanna.


The dance takes place in an area with green triangles that when formed illude an appearance similar to an emerald. Throughout the performance the background frequentely flashses many colors doing so whenever the dancer flashes colors.

Appearances in other songsEdit


  • Beauty and a Beat (JD4)Go to Mashup
  • I Like It (JD4)Go to Mashup

Puppet MastersEdit

Song Name of Move(s)
Ain't No Other Man Club Snap
Beauty and a Beat Seesaw, Hand Flick, Snap It Up
Disturbia Seesaw
Maneater Hand Flick, Seesaw
Mr. Saxobeat Seesaw, Club Snap
Oh No! Hand Flick, Seesaw, Club Snap
Rock N' Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) Club Snap, Club Waves
So What Hand Flick
Super Bass Club Snap


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