Gentleman GentlemanSweat

GentlemanMashup FineChinavsGentleman


Any Alternates?:

Yes (Sweat)



Party Master?:



Yes (with Fine China)


Classic: Solo
Sweat: Solo
Mashup: Solo
Party Master: Solo


Classic: Medium
Sweat: Easy
Mashup: Medium
Party Master: Medium
Battle: Medium


Classic: Male-Male
Sweat: Female
Mashup: Male and Various
Party Master: Male and Various
Battle: Male/Male

DLC Song?:


Dance Quest It's In:

Classic: Cupcake

Gentleman is a song in Just Dance 2014, Just Dance Wii UJust Dance Now, and the Just Dance Unlimited service. It is by PSY.


The classic dance takes place around many locations in France. The locations seen include a golf course, a big pond, a public site near the Eiffel Towel, and an aquatic museum.

The sweat dance takes place on a running track. The color scheme is primarily purple and blue.


The mashup for Gentleman costs 5 Mojo Coins to play it and has 15 dancers in it. (17 if the dancers from the Classic dance and the dancers from Moves Like Jagger are counted separately) Bold Gold Text indicates that a Gold Move occurs during that part of the mashup. The dancers that appear are as follows:

▪ Gentleman (1st Dancer)


Good Feeling

Forget You


She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)

Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Alternate Version)


Moves Like Jagger (1st and 2nd Dancers)

It's You

▪ Good Feeling

▪ Forget You

▪ Starships

▪ She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)

▪ Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Alternate Version)


▪ Moves Like Jagger (1st and 2nd Dancers)

I Kissed a Girl

We No Speak Americano

The Power

Beauty and a Beat

▪ Moves Like Jagger (1st and 2nd Dancers)

▪ I Kissed a Girl

A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix)

▪ Gentleman (2nd Dancer)

Appearances in other songs

Slideshows reflect order of appearance


Song Appearance Description
Don't Let Me Down The second dancer from the Classic Version is seen on a poster in the setting of the Classic Version
Fine China The second dancer from the Classic Version is a dancer in the Battle
Uptown Funk The first dancer from the Classic Version and the dancer from the Sweat Version is seen dancing in the setting of the Classic Version


  • Blurred Lines (JD2014, Sweat)Go to Mashup
  • Candy (JD2014, Sweat)Go to Mashup
  • Fine China (JD2014, 2)Go to Mashup
  • Follow the Leader (JD2014, Sweat)Go to Mashup
  • It's You (JD2014, Sweat)Go to Mashup
  • Moskau (JD2014, Sweat)Go to Mashup
  • Where Have You Been (JD2014, Sweat)Go to Mashup
  • Best Song Ever (JD2015, Sweat)Go to Mashup
  • I Love It (JD2015, 2 and 1)Go to Mashup
  • Papaoutai (JD2015, Sweat)Go to Mashup
  • You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (JD2015, 2 and 1)Go to Mashup
  • Drop The Mambo (JD2016, 2 and 1)Go to Mashup
  • Hangover (BaBaBa) (JD2016, 2)Go to Mashup
  • I Gotta Feeling (JD2016, 2)Go to Mashup
  • Uptown Funk (JD2016, 1)Go to Mashup
  • DADDY (JD2017, Sweat)Go to Mashup
  • Scream & Shout (JD2017, Sweat)Go to Mashup

1 corresponds with the dancer seen first in the Classic dance, (dancer with hat) and 2 corresponds with the dancer seen second in the Classic dance. (dancer without hat). Songs with more than one number are listed in the order they are seen in the mashup.

Party Masters

  • Maps (Moves labeled as Pom Pom Run, (Sweat) Dance Like A Fool, (1st Dancer) Men Exclusive, (2nd Dancer) Cheerleading, (Sweat) and Pom Pom Swing (Sweat))


View Gentleman/Gallery for images relating to Gentleman

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A (U) symbol indicates that the song is not playable in the game until it is unlocked via code

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