Fame is a song in Just Dance, Just Dance 3, (as DLC) Just Dance: Best OfJust Dance Greatest HitsJust Dance Now, and the Just Dance Unlimited service. It is by Irene Cara, but in the series it is a cover version done "In the style of Irene Cara".[1]


Old VersionEdit

(Description reflects the version seen in the original game. The versions seen in 3, Best Of, and Greatest Hits vary, but still refrain the basic structure of the setting)

The dance originally took place on a set with a yellow-green backdrop. A small light could be seen at the top of the set, glowing throughout the entire performance. More lights can also be seen at the bottom of the backdrop, although unlike the one at the top, they're still.

New VersionEdit

The set now takes place in blue room with floating shapes. The floor is also sparkly and has a pink grid on top of it.

Appearances in other songsEdit


Name Appearance Description
Video Killed The Radio Star The dancer is seen on a television program the dancer for Video Killed The Radio Star possesses


  • Jump (For My Love) (JD3)Go to Mashup
  • No Limit (JD3)Go to Mashup
  • Blurred Lines (JD2014)Go to Mashup
  • C'mon (JD2014)Go to Mashup
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Party/Puppet MastersEdit

Song Name of Move(s)
Ain't No Other Man Fitness Pony, Move Your Body, Keep Fit, Throw It Up
Beauty and a Beat Fitness Poney, Shake It, Move Your Body
Disturbia Move Your Body, Fitness Punch
Flashdance... What A Feeling Sunshine
I Will Survive Fitness
Just Dance 70's / Fitness Fun, Move Your Body
Love You Like A Love Song Fitness Poney
Maneater Move Your Body, Fitness Punch, Fitness Fun, Keep Fit, Throw It Up, Fit Training
Moves Like Jagger 70's, Shake It
Rock N' Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) Fitness Fun[2]
She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) Throw It Up
So What Shake It
Starships 70's / Fitness Fun
Super Bass Keep Fit, Fitness Punch
What Makes You Beautiful Keep Fit
Where Have You Been Move Your Body


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  1. In Now and the Unlimited service, the cover is said to be done by The Girly Team, overwriting the original message, "In the style of Irene Cara", seen previously in the series.
  2. The name "Fitness Fun" is used for two parts
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