Call Me Maybe

Any Alternates?:

Yes (Uplay/Wheel of Gifts)[1]



Puppet Master?:



Yes (with Beauty and a Beat)


Classic: Solo
Alternate: Solo
Mashup: Solo
Puppet Master: Solo


Classic: 1
Alternate: 3
Mashup: 1
Battle: 2


Classic: Female
Alternate: Female
Mashup: Female and Various
Puppet Master: Female and Various
Battle: Female/Male

DLC Song?:


Not to be confused with Call Me

Call Me Maybe is a song in Just Dance 4. It is by Carly Rae Jepsen.


The setting for both the Classic and Alternate version take place in the same area. Before the dances happens, a room is shown with a book, a keychain with keys, a keychain of a baseball player, and a phone. Once the phone recieves a new call, the camera zooms in closer to the phone screen.

The next setting is in the phone showing a bunch of apps in front of a pink background. The apps are constantly moving around throughout the dance, and the owner of the phone is shown missing a call almost everytime "Call Me Maybe" is said. At the bridge, the setting darkens and a beam of light shine on the dancers with a bunch of 0s and 1s near them, before reverting back to its normal condition when the bridge finishes. On occasion during this setting, the camera would zoom out to reveal the whole phone before zooming back in to just the screen.

At the end, the camera zooms back into the first setting where the phone shuts off due to a low battery.


The mashup for Call Me Maybe, unlike the other mashups in the game, does not require any criteria to do before being allowed to play it, as it is already unlocked from the start of the game. The mashup has a difficulty rating of 1 and 12 dancers in it. The dancers that appear are as follows:

▪ Call Me Maybe

Love You Like A Love Song

Girls And Boys

Step By Step

Never Gonna Give You Up

California Gurls

Barbra Streisand

Acceptable in the 80s

▪ Love You Like A Love Song

▪ Girls And Boys

▪ Step By Step

▪ Never Gonna Give You Up

▪ California Gurls

▪ Barbra Streisand

Party Rock Anthem

Hot N Cold (Chick Version)


Teenage Dream

▪ California Gurls

▪ Barbra Streisand

▪ Party Rock Anthem

▪ Call Me Maybe

Puppet Master

Choice 1 and Source Choice 2 and Source Choice 3 and Source Choice 4 and Source
Hands 'N' Hips  Sweet Stroke  Glam Swing Tempo Touch 
Acceptable in the 80s TiK ToK Only Girl (In The World) We No Speak Americano
Slasher Candy Party Lights Cyber Box
Girls And Boys Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) Party Rock Anthem Rock N' Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain)
Tear It Up Russian Bounce Fashion Snap Sparkle 'N' Spin
Hot N Cold (Chick Version) Rasputin She's Got Me Dancing Oh No!
Denim Dude Knee Pop Side To Side Shoot Em Up
Step By Step Holiday Barbra Streisand Good Feeling
Push 'N' Pull Cosmic Boogie Giggle Box Techno Tonic
Le Freak Cosmic Girl Video Killed The Radio Star Good Feeling (Extreme Version)
Ironing  Hopscotch Throw Ice Breaker Hands Up
Can't Get You Out of My Head D.A.N.C.E. I Don't Feel Like Dancin' Disturbia
Dog Call Come On Pin-Up Kick Happy Slide
Who Let the Dogs Out Move Your Feet California Gurls Make The Party (Don't Stop)
What's Wrong Russian Skip Spanish Groove Sweet Caresses
Wanna Be Rasputin Marcia Baila Love You Like A Love Song
Follow Me Glider Girl Step In Style Malibu Waves
Le Freak TiK ToK She's Got Me Dancing Mr. Saxobeat
Smelly Boy Fighting Santa Letting Go Pop Rock Wind
Louie Louie Crazy Christmas Teenage Dream So What
Clubbing Tribal Magic Stop And Go Super Groovy
Acceptable in the 80s Iko Iko Only Girl (In The World) Never Gonna Give You Up
Dungarees Funky Frog Windscreen Wiper Swan Walk
Step By Step Funkytown California Gurls Ain't No Other Man
Eight Ball Cosmic Shooter Wind Up Pony Cyber Man
DARE Cosmic Girl Barbra Streisand Rock N' Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain)
Champion's Stretch Chicken Dance Party Boy Katana
Eye of the Tiger TiK ToK Party Rock Anthem Tribal Dance (With a Katana)
Pretty Bride Cutie Pie Angry Twist Here 'N' Now
Hot N Cold (Chick Version) When I Grow Up Marcia Baila Good Feeling (Extreme Version)
Peace And Love Hopscotch Kata Forward Rewind Broken Hearted
Wanna Be D.A.N.C.E. Video Killed The Radio Star Oh No!
Watching You Flying Santa Freedom Despair
Can't Get You Out of My Head Crazy Christmas Teenage Dream So What
Football Boy Milkshake No Way Spinning Points
DARE Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) Apache (Jump On It) We No Speak Americano
Beyond The Earth Old School Clap Crack It Open Your Heart
Jin Go Lo Ba Holiday I Don't Feel Like Dancin' Make The Party (Don't Stop)
Heart Strong Egyptian Jump Groovy Jerk Wonder Boy
Girls And Boys Move Your Feet Only Girl (In The World) Never Gonna Give You Up
You And Me Frog On Fire Party Whip Pendulum Whip
Wanna Be Funkytown Party Rock Anthem Good Feeling

Appearances in other songs


Song Appearance Description
Beauty and a Beat The dancer is a dancer in the Battle
Don't Let Me Down The dancer is seen on a poster in the setting of the Classic Version. The look is from the appearance seen in the Classic Version of the song.


  • 4x4 (JD2015, Alternate)Go to Mashup
  • Papaoutai (JD2015)Go to Mashup
  • Walk This Way (JD2015)Go to Mashup

Puppet Masters

Song Name of Move(s)
Ain't No Other Man Heart Throb
Beauty and a Beat Heart Throb
Disturbia Box Step
Good Feeling Crazy Walk, Phone Me, Aie Aie Aie
Love You Like A Love Song Heart Throb


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  1. The Alternate mode can only be played once it is unlocked through the Ubisoft Club on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions. In the Wii version, it can only be played once it is unlocked theough the Wheel of Gifts. In the Wii U version, it can be played once it is unlocked from either of the two methods.
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